The herbal medicines are manufactured in accordance with the standard of G.M.P. (Good Manufacturing Practice) set by the Malaysian Ministry of Health in 1988. Quality, Safety and Efficiency are of highest priority in the process of manufacturing. Precise quality control equipment such as High Performances Liquid Chromatography (H.P.L.C.), Fourier Transform Infrared (F.T.I.R.), Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer (A.A.S.), U.V. Spectrophotometer and Polarimeter are being used in analysing and detecting various elements in the herbs. Experienced pharmacist and full time chemist are employed to run the laboratory where quality checks are conducted.

With more than 60 years of reputation in Malaysia, the products of Teck Aun Medical Factory has established a strong following among Malaysian and consumers from countries of South East Asia. Acceptance by consumer irrespective of their countries makes E & P Brand Teck Aun Medical Factory even more committed to produce more quality herbal products with G.M.P. standard and Teck Aun Medical Factory takes pride in contributing towards the medical welfare of the people.


Eagle & Pagoda Brand Teck Aun Medical Factory Sdn. Bhd. a leading Chinese traditional herbal medicine manufacturer in Malaysia was established In 1936. It is the producer of Chinese Medicine “Teck Aun Chi Kit Pills” which enjoys a high reputation throunghout South East Asia. These pills are manufactured wnth selected Chinese Herbs and roots of superior quality and the pills soon become well known for their efficacy in relieving stomachache, diarrhoea, vomiting, indigestion andtravel sickness.

In 1991, in conformity with the spirit of producing more quality herbal products, a well researched and formulated herbal product “Teck Aun Herbal Pills” was being launched. It is an excellent remedy for relief of heatiness in the body with feverish effect and well received by consumers at home as well as traveling.

In 1992, both herbal products “Teck Aun Chi Kit Pills” and “Teck Aun Herbal Pills” were awarded with the registered number for traditional herbal medicine, MAL 19950914T and MAL 19950915T respectively.